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  1. That's true, Discord is pretty scary! Message boards are a bit more cozy
  2. Discord is scary. It has people that say scary things that give ppl scary dreams.
  3. You know, I kinda wanna talk to you on Discord. You're literally one of my oldest internet friends and that'd make me real happy.
  4. Big bummer

    You know, I miss Roto13. I like him
  5. Like BoB mentioned, they might have been turned into bot.
  6. So many memories! :3 It makes me sad sometimes seeing that folks got banned, though!
  7. It will and u yourself must stick around too! This place is like a database of memories!
  8. Awesome possum! I hope this site sticks around until even my kiddos are adults, and I don't even have kiddos yet!
  9. Hell ya, and Del is still funding this place to keep it alive! He said he wanted this place to be here when his kids grow up. So this place likely won't die anytime.
  10. Aww, okeydoke! If you ever change your mind, I bet folks would be glad to see you there. ^_^ Still, I’m enjoying seeing folks in the forums. It’s wild to think that I’ve been posting here on and off since before 2007!
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