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  1. Glad to hear you're enjoying it. I have the first one, but have yet to play it. Trying to finish Soul Hackers first but even that game is feeling a little more uphill than usual. I keep going back and forth on whether I like it or not. I feel part of my issue is that you burn through Magnetite super quickly in this installment and I've already had to stop a few times to grind for money and magnetite because i either burn through it too quickly or the payout from fights is way too low. Not that SMT1 didn't have this issue, but I feel like it's popping up more and more in this game. Probably not helped that I'm finishing up the Cathedral in SMT1 with a end game team and stash of materials, so I almost never have to worry about money or magnetite. I just finished off Asura on the Neutral route, now heading up to the top floors to deal with Michael. In Soul Hackers, I'm in the VR Art Museum and just dealt with the four old men puzzle.

    I still would love to see some more references to Tadashi's era of Persona besides costumes. At this point, I just w9ish they would give us a Persona Classic collection and just give us a port of the PSP versions of Persona 1+2 duology as a download for a console or PC.
  2. The way these crossovers work, you know we’d still get teen Tatsuyuki, right?

    Anyway, it’s been fun so far and I’m reminded that I actually liked the first Q much more than I realized. Even though I haven’t played 5, it’s still cool to be around the phantom thieves and it’s so great to finally see the P3 female protagonist get some time in the limelight. It feels to me the characters are less flanderized this time, but I haven’t met most of the cast yet so I can’t compare really. The premise is definitely slightly more interesting this time around. Gameplay-wise, it feels more streamlined, which I guess is both good and bad. I liked how the first Q brought back sons of the more cumbersome mechanics from Persona 1, like having to pay for healing - now you’re just healed when you leave the dungeon, but then I also don’t feel like I’m swimming I cash so maybe they balanced it out? Also, after dividing physical attacks in Q they’ve come Back to merging them all into one, which is lame. But then now we also have nuclear and mind elements again so I guess it evens out. Hama and Mudo are also no longer absolute game breakers - justified by the inclusion of Eiha and Kouha. Oh yeah, and all-out attacks now work like in regular Persona in that you need to knock out all enemies - in the first Q having more characters boosted increased the likelihood of one just triggering randomly. All that said, the first boss is extremely hard, so it’s not like they completely sucked out the challenge - it just manifests differently.

    Lol so yeah Q is definitely an interesting little sub-series and I’d recommend it if you’re into the series in general. Yeah, we both crave that old Persona love, but we also both know they won’t do anything with Tadashi’s characters ever again so all that’s left is to just enjoy what we have. Glad to hear you’re in a MegaTen mood! It seems like a good time to be a series fan.
  3. Yeah, I still wish they did more though. I want my adult Tatsuya to throw down and arrest P5 Joker.

    Funny you're playing PQ2, I've been trying to finish up SMT1 and Soul Hackers.
  4. So I’m on vacation now, with no means of finishing XV, but I was given Persona Q2 as a gift, which is neat. One thing that I found super interesting is that the beginning cutscene had a butterfly in it, which I’d ordinarily assume references Lavenza because the 5 cast has the focus here, but then a piece of the original Persona 1 motif played and I realized that this time they’re actually most likely saying this is Philemon. A nice touch imo. Always liked it when they remember old Persona exists.
  5. Sadly, that's probably true. Still curious to know what he actually does these days at SE.
  6. I think I just need to come to terms with the fact that we’re not gonna see another big Ito-directed FF game again. I’m glad he’s still there though.
  7. That awkward moment when Hiroyuki Ito actually makes an appearance for an interview after so many years.
  8. I feel it's safe to think Nocturne will get ported. I'm hoping the other SMT games on the PS2 get the HD treatment like Digital Devil SaGa and the Raidou games.
  9. Yeah which is why I’m still hoping to get a Switch eventually. Plus my brother got a switch recently and he’s been hooked on SMTIV and is really looking forward to V, so if worse comes to worst, I’ll just ask him to lend it to me. The P4G Steam release gives me hope we’ll see Nocturne HD on PC eventually, especially since it’s already multi platform and P4G is doing pretty amazingly.
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