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  1. Both the PSX version and PSP version I've played. And one day I might get to Lunar 2 again, though I've got other plans in the near future for my gaming schedule, and much time will be taken by it.
  2. Which version of Silver Star did you play? I've always found the PSX version to be the best one by far personally.

    As for Lunar 2, I found it to be an improvement in every way. You should definitely give it another go some day. It's definitely a bit darker than Silver Star. It does get cheesy towards the end though.

    I see that you added P3 to your list as well. Great game, and one of my top 10.
  3. Silver Star ended up on my list a while ago, though I had to knock it down after replaying it. God that game was one of the cheesiest thing I have ever played, and so horribly CLique. Still though, they due the Clique's well, and a really fun Battle System. Lunar 2 I couldn't get into though. Not really sure why to be honest.
  4. Yeah, I just saw Mana Khemia 2 on the all time worst list.

    I look forward to seeing where/if you'll rank the Persona games.

    On a side note, how do you feel about the Lunar series? Personally, I love them. Lunar 2 and Persona 4 are my favorite RPGs.
  5. Speaking of Mana Khemia 2.....

    Also, if you click 'view conversation' when you reply it'll post on my page so I no about the visitor message.

    Only just now saw your Megaten comment. Though in response, you'll have to wait and see!
  6. And now I can finally state my agreement with you on DS 2.
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