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  1. That is an amusing reason to share, but I do like Pipe Organs so it was still an interesting listen.
  2. Watched a cool video. My train of though in sharing this with you was “Hey, the organ reminds me of Alexander. Wolf Kanno likes Alexander. He should see this video.”

  3. Yeah a bunch of crap on my wishlist went on sale for steam, but I'm better at ignoring them since I'm notorious for not playing any of my steam games. I mean I still have a dozen other games on there I haven't even touched.
  4. Yeah I know it was that cheap during the previous sale but I missed that and have been waiting for it to come back ever since lol. I still need to get the VIII Remaster, IX and Lightning Returns on PC to be fully ready for the marathon. Oh, and Shadowbringers if course
  5. Yeah, since it's the complete Seekers set it's a pretty good bargain at $11.
  6. Aw, it’s not on sale for me yet I definitely want to grab it this time!
  7. I might. XI actually just went on sale today for the whole collection on Steam and I am slightly tempted since I doubt I could reinstall the copy I have based on it being built for Windows XP. Yeah, I was doing some research on some of the high profile Ivalice team members and more or less discovered the majority of them got absorbed into the XIV team.
  8. I mean, IX does indeed have Hot and Cold, but I still feel it’s kind of not structured like an actual world map. Each continent is treated like a separate “hub” that unlocks after specific story segments and overall to me it feels more like the stuff that comes later rather than the stuff that came before.

    And yeah, I’m more and more excited for XVI for this reason, and it’s also the reason why I’ve decided I can’t ignore XIV anymore. Perhaps you’d like to hop on along with me once I reach it in the marathon?
  9. Also, with all the things I've read up on about XIV and XVI, I think it's safe to say that the Ivalice team has been merged with the XIV team.
  10. VIII ic ould agree with, not so much IX. I need my Chocobo Hot n' Cold. Yeah VIII's world map feels underutilized despite the fact that with things like the PuPu quest and hidden draw points, there is a lot going on there. Honestly, I've never really understood the aversion to World Maps by SE. I get at first it was them just trying to reach a technical bench mark for a seamless world, but I don't feel there is anything mechanically wrong with a world map.

    As for VIIR, we'll see. The lack of a map worked because the game was restricted to Midgar, but one of the best moments in the game was leaving it and finding a larger world beyond. I don't see how they'll pull that off with Episode 2. Likewise, we could have gotten most of the first disc in Episode 1 if they hadn't kept needlessly padding the game.
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