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  1. That's intriguing, I'll definitely try to keep an eye out the next time the game is on sale along with Baldur's Gate.

    Currently, I'm trying to get myself into the Halloween zone for gaming, but too many rl things are distracting me.
  2. So similarly to my replay of Baldur's Gate I, I feel that my appreciation of Planescape: Torment has only increased over the years. I feel that I now have the capacity to appreciate it even more, tbh, not only because of being an adult instead of a kid, but because I've played more games and read more books. The main protagonist, the Nameless One, actually strikes me as very similar in concept and execution to Fei Fong Wong and Ashley Riot, but with a twist of his own that makes him truly unique. I'm not saying he's better than the two, since these are all arguably different types of stories, but he is definitely up there with them as one of the most complex and fascinating protagonists in gaming. I have a feeling you might appreciate him as well once you get to PST, judging by who he reminds me of now.
  3. That does help. I didn't realize I made my thread in the wrong forum, but I'm excited to start playing a few of these games. Unlike previous years, I didn't jump into my spooky gaming mood in September, so I feel I have a better chance of getting some things done this month.
  4. Well, thanks to the fact that I have pretty much no disposable income, I don't have that problem lol

    And also, I just realized I should have mentioned playing Torment in the thread. It's a pretty awesome game for Halloween actually, what with its surreally macabre setting and tone
  5. I added a bunch of horror satyle games recently, but I'm super weary of buying anything on Steam since my track record for starting and finishing them is rather poor.
  6. I've been adding stuff to my GOG wishlist so I can be on the lookout for sales and other deals. It's piling up
  7. It's on my Steam wishlist. Along with a few other famous PC titles from the 90s.
  8. So I've been replaying Planescape Torment recently and uh... you really need to play this
  9. Awesome, great to hear Can't wait to get some more detailed thoughts from you!

    On a completely unrelated note, I've been playing some FFTA here and there, and I just noticed something I never did before. There's this whole questline involving the Redwings and in it there's one battle, where there's a Bangaa Templar called "Silverhair", and he's accompanied two Viera Assassins - Celia and... Redy? Anyway, it was nice to spot an FFT reference!
  10. Well I finished the story. Overall I really enjoyed it. I'll probably respond with a Mognet Message with more detail.
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