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  1. Yeah, none of the endgame marks have been to difficult so far. Zodiark was pretty tough but that was only until I devided to Berserk Basch.
  2. I wiped the floor with Hellwyrm, I feel I waited too long to attempt the fight.
  3. Oh sweet! Yeah, I imagine it might be harder to let go of it with that experience. Still, as I always say, the dub debacle is kind of not even relevant to me since I very rarely watch dubbed anime. The real travesty of the Netflix release is, imo, the lack of Fly Me to the Moon for the credits.

    As for 3.33 - I’m pretty sure it’s BBS all over again and it’s just a vocal minority that’s hijacked the discourse. But like you, I try to stay as far away as I can from that fandom. Nevertheless, I love the videos like this that they put out from time to time. 3.33 is a beautiful movie and definitely one of my favorite things EVA, period, and that’s due in no small part to how it adds to the EVA metatextual narrative. It feels like a natural evolution.

    On an unrelated note, I had a couple days off around my birthday and decided to finish some loose ends in TZA. Gonna attempt the Hellwyrm soon, since I just finished all available mark hunts.
  4. That video has been taunting me in my youtube feed for awhile, so I decided this was fate and finally watched it. Good vid, and I completely agree, hell I would go so far as to say that as early as End of Evangelion, Anno was trying to spell out the fact that most of the lore was a red herring and people were missing the real point of the series which is why so many of the plot revelations in the film are unsatisfactory or mean-spirited in its brutality. I wasn't aware fans hated 3.33 of the Rebuild, but I also don't really talk to other EVA fans much cause even at the height of its popularity I felt a lot of them missed the point and even I kind of got too taken in by the symbolism and directing style. Watching it kind of reminded me of several conversations I've had concerning FFTactics Advance and how people really kind of misinterpreted that titles message.

    Back to EVA, I think the other reason why I like the old English cast better may also stem from the fact I've met most of them over the years. I think Alison Keith (Misato) is the only major character I haven't met besides maybe Ritsuko and Kaji's VA. So that may also be why I'm partial to them.
  5. Btw have you seen this?
  6. Well as someone that’s only ever watched subs, the old dub is pretty bad at first, but later grows better, but I still kinda prefer the new one? Aside from the fact that new Asuka couldn’t speak German to save her life :/
  7. Now that I've had a chance to listen to the new Dub, its kind of blah in places. As cheesy as the original was, and despite the fact it took the actors a few episodes to really get their characters, I feel the ADV dub has a little more personality. Granted, that could just be the nostalgia talking here, as I wasn't too happy with some of the VA changes in the remaster either.
  8. Because nerds are usually terrible people that obsess over insignificant things that fuel their escapism, lest their precious immersion be broken. Which is especially ironic with the Eva fan base, considering the themes of the show
  9. I've been reading a few articles about some of the controversy with the Netflix version, that and chuckling to myself as "new" articles keep popping up about how amazing or overrated the series was. So I almost feel like I'm back in the late 90s early 00s.

    It's had like three different dubs by this point, so I don't know why people are whining. I grew up with the original dub, and one of the few anime collector's items I have is the first edition DVD set of Eva that contains that original dub which was practically a collector's item once the first remaster edition came out a few years later and made some controversial changes of its own.
  10. So idk if you know this but apparently the Netflix release of Evangelion got a re-dub with a completely new cast.

    Now, I have no investment in this personally since I always prefer subs, from what I can tell the new voicework is much better, but the script is a mich more literal translation, which I feel doesn’t work nearly as well.
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