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  1. I think we could start off with a basic idea, e.g. compared to the likes of Dragon Quest, FF has, from the very beginning, attempted to do something interesting with their main villains, so we could go from there and see how they’ve attempted to keep things fresh over the years.
  2. Yeah, I feel a free talk about villains would be ideal too. I think the only ones we might be more behind on - at least me personally - are the MMOs.
  3. I think we're both fairly knowledgeable about most of the villains we could free form it if we wanted to it. Structure in my mind would require making a point about it, whereas the subject is slightly more subjective.
  4. There’s a couple ways to approach it, I think. We could cover them all in order then compare and contrast, we could talk about who we consider the best and worst band go from there. Or we could set up some criteria, like charisma, fear, kill count, etc. and have a little fun with it by assigning points. I guess it depends on how structured we want it to be. Like do we want it to be more scripted and closer to a video essay, or would it be better for it to be more free-form and podcasts?
  5. If we were, how she would we go about it?
  6. Yes we certainly should remedy the Villain talk thread idea.
  7. Also, I just realized that Ardyn covers another layer of FNC themes in XV. He’s also chosen by the crystal and his fate is unavoidable, just like Noctis’. He’s a warrior of darkness. The twist being that he was chosen by the same crystal as the warrior of light, his power was forced on him instead of resulting from his list for power, and he himself isn’t really aligned with the darkness - or the Starscourge - other than that he’s destined to use that power so that it can be banished once and for all. The more I think about him and Niflheim’s descent to darkness, and how both parties would’ve probably been better off had they not encountered each other. Seems like tragedy really is stitched into the very fiber of FFXV, huh
  8. Hey so making the Ardyn thread has reminded me that we were planning an FF Villain talk that never got recorded. Perhaps we should fix that one day
  9. I'll get to it someday, I'm still plowing through games I've never finished first. I keep waffling back and forth between SMT and Metal Gear at the moment.
  10. I think the one thing that can be argued was changed for the worse is that the vocal version of Somnus no longer plays during your entire visit to Insomnia. Granted, the new arrangement fits what they added, but the original choice was so perfect. Still, I feel that if you liked the vanilla version in the first place, the Royal upgrade should make it even better for you
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