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  1. Sure thing.
  2. For my last blog entry I actually wrote a poem, even though I'm not a post in the least. I also put it in Timber Maniacs. Think you'd like to have a look?
  3. Well the MA is more important than gaming, so I can see why it takes precedence.
  4. It usually goes away for me pretty quickly. I'm just still too stressed with my MA.
  5. That's been my mood for a few years now. It's been a while since a game really grabbed me and I was completely absorbed into it.
  6. That reminds me I need to see a dentist soon. I probably need to remove my lover wisdom teeth. The upper ones have grown out nicely enough.

    I've restarted FFIX recently, but in general I'm in that mood. Don't know if you've ever had it. It usually comes around the beginning of summer - you have all these games you wanna play, but when you get around to it, none of them feels right. So you end up with a craving for gaming, but none of your games can satisfy you.
  7. Getting over some dental work which is annoying and playing a lot of FF for my article series.
  8. Well, you're wrong

    How's life?
  9. Yet I like BoFIII over IV because I honestly feel most of your complaints against III work on IV as well.
  10. Yeah, game companies really need to fix their way of dealing with global markets. I remember the stink P4 Arena caused when it became region locked because publishers didn't want Japan to have access to the cheaper American version of the game.
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