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  1. Stressful, but pretty much okay besides that. Having fun with the RP, it's summer so the weather is nice, but the thesis is putting a big strain on me, plus my wife's health insurance expired and it turned out to be a much larger issue than expected.
  2. I'll be sure to do so. How's life?
  3. People have said it's an interesting read even to an outsider, so yeah, at least check it out
  4. I'll think about it. Lately I feel like I've been spazzing out on staying on top of things I want to do, so I'm not sure if I would be good with the RP. I'll look it over though.
  5. Hey, think you'd like to join our RP? It's getting more and more popular with the people now and you're a great writer, so it could be fun with you around!
  6. Ouch. I did that for my senior paper in college. I finished my paper at 6am the morning it was due, and finished the project 5 minutes before it was due in class around 4pm that afternoon. None of this was helped by having a second paper due. History minors suck, thank goodness I didn't make it my major.
  7. It was terrifying. It broke down right in the middle of preparing a big presentation. I had to pull a literal all-nighter to finish it.
  8. Well that's good at least. Having lost a many a project before in the past, I can understand the pressure of realizing you have to start over from scratch.
  9. My computer is dead. Using a replacement one from my aunt. Rewriting my MA from scratch isn't going too bad
  10. How is your computer doing?
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