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  1. I'm doing well. How are you enjoying the new year?
  2. Hello, dear Doctor! How have you been?
  3. Thank you so much! I didn't expect you to give me so much support just like that! Thanks a whole bunch Friend request sent!

    I'll get to reading your comic thoroughly as soon as I can!
  4. Alrighty! I posted on your forum thread and I followed you on tumblr! Lots of reading to do!
  5. Oh yeah, I also have this thread with my doodly stuff, if you want to see how I draw
  6. - I actually just write stories now, but I was thinking of going into comics someday. Still, check it out if you want to I also have tumblr with basically the same stuff:
  7. Your comics look awesome! I will look deeper into them once I have the time I said this in the thread already - I an a writer and have just enough skill to draw some basic character designs. Think you'd like to collaborate on a comic together some day? I have a blog with some stories, if you ever wanna see what I write like, I can give you a link Also, I have a doodling thread where I post my own doodles - any critique from someone as skilled as you would be very welcome
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