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  1. It's been interesting so far, though I'm a bit disappointed on people's failure to find solutions to these troubles.
  2. Touché. Well this topic should yield some interesting perspectives ^^
  3. O h I read my fair share of it, but yes, I don't really engage much myself since I did that enough in RL and I get bored easily by how quickly people fall back to straw arguments to defend their positions. At least with video games/media no one walks away from the argument to the point where they want to murder the person they were arguing with. If they do, then they obviously have bigger problems brewing in their heads.
  4. So you do hang out in Academia as well ^^ apparently smart enough to dodge the trainwrecks at least though >.<
  5. It is, most of Friede's attacks can outright kill you if you're not careful. That disappearing teleport move alone, if you don;t figure out the trick is practically OHKO.
  6. Yeah Oath in Felghana was pretty similar in that regard. You were never going to win a fight if you intended on trading liberally. I think that's pretty much common among most ARPG bosses. Although I'm guessing the Souls games are unusually punishing with the damage the enemy deals with any successful strike.
  7. That and learning not to be greedy with attacking which is the usual learning curve with bosses in these games.
  8. Lots of pattern learning I presume ^^ but it does look fun
  9. Looks pretty intense. Reminds me a bit of the final boss fight in Star Ocean 2 when you remove the final boss limiter and he suddenly becomes the strongest enemy in the entire game with an opening move almost guaranteed to wipe out your whole party.

    Speaking of challenging boss fights.
  10. ... am I weird for getting super hyped to play this game when I see something like this?
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