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  1. That's what I've heard.
  2. Yeah, it is the rare actual sci fi story. Granted, it does still have its science fantasy elements, but it's surprisingly military SF and hard SF at times.
  3. XCX was Takahashi finally getting another game out that panders to his love of classic Science Fiction, so I can imagine it would be unique since I feel traditional Sci-Fi is rare in RPGs.
  4. There was no relationship.

    And yeah, XCX gets a lot of flak, but I honestly don't think it really deserves any of it. XC still holds a very special place in my heart, but few games are as unique as XCX. XC was very fulfilling as a conventional story, but XCX is just something else
  5. Well maybe they will give it a shot since my understanding is that XCX may be the black sheep of the fraanchise, but it was still popular. Yeah I heard the new remaster added a new scenario with Shulk and Melia. Wonder if its going to give the shippers some more fuel to work with since a major gripe of the original was how Shulk and Melia's relationship got sunk as soon as Fiora returned.
  6. I get that. Here's hoping they do end up remastering it after XC1. ANd hey, looks like they're adding a new scenario to that to link it further with XC2, so perhaps they can expand on XCX's story a bit as well. It was definitely in need of some closure.
  7. Yeah, but I really don't want to buy a system for only one game.
  8. I don’t think there’s a real chance XCX will come to Switch. There’s the issue of the Frontier Nav taking up the game pad is too big an aspect of the game and the Switch can’t do two screens at once. And then there’s the issue of this being kind of the black sheep of the franchise, with 1 and 2 being much safer sells. So idk, I do kinda wish they’d port it so more people could play, but chances are slim. I’ll tell you it’s definitely worth getting the Wii U for
  9. Very true. I just need them to port XCX to Switch so I can focus on getting a Switch guilt free. There is a part of me that still would love to get a 360 just so I can play Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon.
  10. True. We’ll both get there one day.
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