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  1. If you like Tactical Turn based combat on a grid map, that deals with giant robots and realpolitik then certainly. Don't let the giant robot thing deter you either, the wanzers are simply tools and rarely the focus of the plot which is really more about the various nations all being cutthroat with each other. If you like Tactical RPGs, it's not a bad one to consider.
  2. Never played any Tales and admittedly don't have a big drive to try them out much, at least not soon-ish, I have too many classics to catch up on as is. Also never played Front Mission, should I add it to that list?
  3. Ys and Trails, as well as giving Tales of a second chance are all on my bucket lists as well. Still, I've got an itch for Front Mission at the moment, and I'm reminded that I never finished FM4, so I may start a new replay of that one.
  4. Ah yes, returning back to old classics I see ^^ I've just decided to continue my dive into the Ys series by going backwards, so now I'm playing Ys Seven. It's pretty great so far.
  5. I'm still going back through Kingdom Hearts and Front Mission at the moment, but I may chime back in sooner or later.
  6. So when are you going back and clearing the Trial Mode ^^
  7. Fair enough, I still need to mop up the last superbosses and then delve into Trail Mode myself, though that may still be awhile.
  8. I'll likely give it a shot when I replay FF XII, yeah. Probably not going to be that soon, we'll see.
  9. Are you going to check it out when you get a chance?
  10. Nope I haven't yet, just checked the boards randomly and saw this.
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