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  1. It's good to have a backup plan!
  2. And if it fails, I have a trout tonne of homebrewed booze to drink myself to death with.
  3. That's the spirit!
  4. This is why my plan to be forever just poor enough is genius. As long as I can manage my own supply chain so I don't have to worry about starving, I don't need to win the lottery!
  5. Very true. To both those sentences.
  6. Dunno why, but I find the mental image of a lil bebe earthquake very cute.

    If God wanted you to win the lottery, you would have found a ticket by now.
  7. Honestly some of them are so small you might not even notice them, especially if you're walking around.

    I wish I could win the lottery so I could study forever and travel all the time. But that would involve buying a ticket, and I'm too lazy to even do that.
  8. Hell, maybe you did and I didn't recognise it!

    Pshaw, just roll it into the student debt. What's another couple thou?

    No time like the present!
  9. That's surprising, we have earthquakes, like, every two weeks.

    Definitely keen, although I will still be a poor student, or recovering from being a poor student, so you're paying :P

    I originally wanted to do TEFL or TESOL but never did, I wish I had!
  10. 100,000%. I love getting to figure out new cultures, and architecture, food, and language all paint the picture.

    I'm honestly shocked I never got caught in any shenanigans when I was in NZ! I was there for three months, and no earthquakes or catastrophes

    yo you wanna go paris next year? I'm gonna have to head across Europe way around Augustish anyway, and it's much less work for me than having to fly all the way to feckin' NZ xD

    Bahahaha I love it! Gotta use that PhD for something, eh? I am very glad I did the TEFL thing early on.
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