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  1. Do bakers cook?
  2. Nothing is cooking at the moment. I'm not a baker, I don't bake bread all day. Silly Quindoline
  3. yo bb gurl wats cookin
  4. Thanks!

    It's a hard knock life, for us. It's just weird to have to completely change your behavior because a parasite is growing in you. Weird stuff
  5. ermergerd congrats though!

    But yes, that baby is consuming your mana. It is the Terra to your Gaia.
  6. Pregnant af and I cant do anything. Today we were cleaning the house cause my parents are gonna come by tonight and I had to stop cause my blood pressure got high and my fingers are tingly.

    Wtf pregnancy
  7. Alright FINE.

  8. Post both places! Huzzah! Problem solved!
  9. But i want the forum to be alive tooooo
  10. Shlup just discovered our discord as well lol. It's far more active there than here on the forum. Plus with all the chat channels, it's really not a bad place to keep eoff alive
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