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  1. I will accept cyan, as that was my go to advertising font colour in Runescape back in the day.
  2. Also I made you cyan on discord instead of orange. It's as close as I can get to a real without making a new role.
  3. Well, that's unfortunate. I hope 2021 is better and you become supreme leader.
  4. im sorry, ive had a lot on and its been a garbage year
  5. jeez louise! Get it together Quindelton!
  6. Totally didn't even realise there was a Discord link on the site until you said, lol. I thought it was secretssssss
  7. First you twerk to get it to werk.

    So discord has a browser access, mobile, or computer app. Your login you make works for all and is cross platform. Then just click the link here on the site for the server invite and just start chatting in the different channels.
  8. how do i join

    how does discord werk
  9. yeah where the smurf are you?
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