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  1. Awww heck cheers dude, just seen this now. Maybe eventually I tend to buy into the expansions when they're out, at the very least.
  2. I've gotten back into FF14 within the past month or so and one of the funny things I miss most about the "old days" is seeing your Roegadyn running around Ul'dah naked.

    Would be nice to see you hop on again sometime
  3. Thanks! I fixed it.
  4. Psst, your link didn't seem to work for the voice actor interview.
  5. Earlier this month I bought a book on Amazon and thought shortly after "dang it! should have used the eoff link". Fortunately, the book was only a dollar so no big loss all around. It did, however, get me to put the eoff amazon link in my favorites on top of my screen. So I suppose it was a good mistake for the long term
  6. Good work, chap.
  7. In order to appear sociable I'm giving everyone online a visitor message. I didn't read my user notes and steal the idea from Meat Puppet.
  8. Nope!
  9. Do visitor messages contribute to post count? Random thought.
  10. Caught the typo for you.
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