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  1. I don't do well in social apps like Discord, Chat, or Messenger programs. I'm too long winded for my own good.
  2. As often as you post I'm surprised you're not a regular in the discord. Plenty of tea to spill there.
  3. I'd probably have about ten dollars by this point, which I'm sure I can turn into a lot of money through currency exchange to another country.
  4. How rich would you be if you had a dollar for every time someone asked who that anime girl was? Gotta start saving for that android waifu.
  5. Oh yeah, I love the fairy town. I think the only game that ever came close to capturing the feel of the fairy villages from BoF was DQVII's immigrant town.
  6. Do you remember the fairy towns in Breath of Fire 3? I thought it was a great concept I hadn't seen a lot of in other rpgs.
  7. That's always a possibility. I think people are often too afraid to express themselves fully sometimes.
  8. That one as well, for pretty much the same reasons you stated.

    There was a lot I took from it. Fear of intimacy, yet wanting sincere companionship. Regret. I loved that it was a secret. He had really forward thinking thoughts about feminism for his time (and frankly for the movie's time) and yet he sabotaged his own desire. I like to think his disappearance at the end signifies how even though he lived a full life, he never really moved on from the events in that basement.

    It also made me think about our own time, and if there are people out there with their own secret basement projects they can't tell anyone about because they are too forward thinking for their time.
  9. Honestly, quite a bit, I love the music used the animation quality is good and the setting is really interesting but I feel most of all it's that I have a real soft spot for stories about machines gaining sentience and I like the idea that despite being destroyed, she lives on so to speak, that just brings up some interesting philosophical ideas about consciousness and how the universe could potentially work that I find deliciously fun to mull over. I mean most of the film is pretty stellar but that short always stood out to me, possibly because it's one of only two shorts that play out like a traditional story as well.

    Which is your favorite?
  10. What makes Presence your favorite short from Robot Carnival? Would love to hear your thoughts. I'm watching it right now.
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