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  1. Hopefully going to be getting around to it tonight, or tomorrow night. Adventure Time has absorbed all of my free time recently, but I've finished that (for now) so I guess I got nothing else to do than watch Anime. xD

    I will let you know my verdict when it gets watched.
  2. Watched it yet? Gotta say I'm curious to hear what you think of it =P
  3. Heh, can't blame you =P Though I've been legitimately enjoying Season 2 so far in general.
  4. Not watched it yet! But I can't say I have been enjoying it so far, so my expectations are low. We're pretty much just laughing at it at this point. xD
  5. And, was it a positive or not? :P
  6. Noted.
  7. Yeah, we've not heard any word that he is (or when he will be) back. Probably best to leave him for now.
  8. I'm guessing Bubba is still too MIA to play?
  9. Aw.
  10. Sadly, I don't own a 3DS =/
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