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  1. deal
  2. You can bring mine together too, Or I mean, try to.
  3. I have plenty of crazy family that I mediate dispute for. It's great to really bring them together.
  4. You've obviously never had to deal with crazy inlaws like mine if you think Christmas is about getting along.
  5. W O W. Christmas encourages us all to get along with one another and give one another gifts and ensures we are really all in this together. Halloween teaches children to be ruthless, out for themselves, to collect the most candy through threats and extortion! The message here is clear, and YOU are on the wrong side of history.
  6. And Christmas doesn't also teach them capitalism? That if they "behave" they get presents and often times they aren't even behaving! Their parents just feel bad! Get out of here with your Halloween is Capitalism. Christmas is far more capitialistic.
  7. Look, Thanksgiving, as I have admitted, is my second favorite holiday of the Christmas Season.

    Halloween though is nonsense. It teaches children all about the evils of ruthless, means justify the ends Capitalism. We train children to extort and threaten adults into giving over the candy they worked hard to purchase. There's nothing worse than that! Christmas is all about sharing gifts and merriment with loved ones!
  8. Why do YOU hate joy? Seeing your friends and family over a thanksgiving feast is one of the most heartwarming moments of the year.

    Seeing children excited and dressed as their favorite characters is just pure wholesome fun.

    Seeing glitter sparkle in the dark skies is one of the most beautiful times of the year.

  9. Why do you hate joy?
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