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  1. Well, I got approved for NeoGAF and got full member status. It certainly has its own reputation but they're pretty strict about moderating junior accounts, so a lot of the fanboyism and hostility gets weeded out pretty quick. I definitely recommend it as the biggest place on the web to discuss all the up to date news, lots of different tastes, and industry insiders.
  2. Well, cool. Honestly, I don't know why I made a fuss about it, as the game didn't interest me, nor have any of Dice's works. Just not my genre of choice.

    Don't be afraid to share if you've found a less hostile place to discuss games, though!
  3. Hey man. No worries about the bet, I was gonna flip it and have you use something prestigious but I don't really come here anymore so don't worry about it.

    As far as the game, I don't really have an opinion on it much either way. I used to be a big fan of DICE but their games always have one or two small problems that get bigger and hurt the longevity of the game the more you play it. Battlefront actually looks amazing but I know how content anemic it is, so with my past experiences, it's kind of a double wammy making me not buy it.

    However, I did think it was obvious that the game was going to work, considering Hardline came out ok and they were absolutely going to put 110% in ensuring a stable launch, what with the very public Beta and the early launch on Xbox's EA Access. BF4 was the outlier: DICE's games have always generally worked in the past, minus some minor hiccups endemic to most online games, so I thought it was weird that everyone acted like it was a given it would be broken.

    I guess one pet peeve of mine is when the gaming community searches for controversies and outrage when there's none to be had, so I spoke up about it. I actually think online gaming discussion is almost like horror movies - we go to them to feel not so nice emotions, because they're nice in their own way. Luckily I've found some places to discuss games that are more constructive and friendly than that

    Anyway, cheers bro, hope you have some great holidays coming up!
  4. If I may ask, what is your own opinion compared to this review:
  5. It does indeed appear that I lost. Only massive bug is one that forces bypassing the router and plugging straight into your modem in order to go online on NAT PC configurations. Oh well.

    Although, from what I've heard, there is effectively no single player, and a lot of multiplayer modes are lackluster, except walker assault.
  6. Thanks for reaching back out to my Sky. All I'll say in my defense is that I didn't call you any names and I didn't deviate too much from my usual sardonic writing voice. I respect that you thought I did, and deleted my posts speaking towards that. I think waiting until the official worldwide release is fair and we can definitely wait until that.
  7. Sorry if I triggered something there. I was wrong, okay, I'll admit that. But you came out swinging and name calling, which isn't like you at all. I don't know why it's such a touchy subject, but it made me feel incredibly uncomfortable and defensive immediately. Seriously, you okay, Bolivar?

    Also, you haven't told me what tag you want me to use. I'm not conceding victory yet, but I'm certainly prepared to get ready (how do I change a tag again?). I'm not expecting unbiased reports from the people who signed up for EA Access. Anyone willing to pay extra to get to beta test EA's products are not a fair test sample, especially since it's a small sample size. Though, admittedly, staggering the download does help ensure that there are as few server load problems as possible. Let's check out the actual release and see if I do have to change it (also, how long did we agree to? Or did we?).
  8. My gosh, you're a hostile and insensitive jackass today. WTF has climbed up your rear end? Next time I ask you to leave a matter to PMs, please do so. As it is, as soon as I find a way to ignore a user, you're going on to that list. I don't know what the hell is wrong, but you need to fix it, dude.
  9. You should do whatever makes you have fun!
  10. I was also wondering how far I could push it before you could tell I was just picking on the game for fun.
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