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  1. So that's why there are sailor moon gifs! It all makes sense now!
  2. I still haven't watched much of the new dub. I have started re-watching the original dub, and OMG the nostalgia...
  3. Man it's gems like that that I love sailor moon. I tried to go back and rewatch the original a few weeks ago, dubbed cause i'm lazy. Oh god that dub was so annoying. I made it through a few episodes of crystal when it was first coming out but I was waiting on new things and it was taking forever so I ended up saying smurf it and haven't gone back.
  4. Not at the moment, I just like collecting Sailor Moon GIFs.
  5. I do! Thank you! Changing your set or something?
  6. I just found a a few while looking for Sailor Moon GIF and figured you would get a kick out of them.
  7. You're making my day you know that haha
  8. kush kush
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