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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh those kind of cookies
  2. Laced with sedatives.
  3. What makes a cookie the "dopest"?
  4. Noice. There's a shop in Toronto called Le Gourmand and they sell the dopest cookies!
  5. I had a chocolate chip cookie today and it was delicious.
  6. No, I call cookies cookies and biscuits biscuits and scones scones. You're the weirdo who calls cookies cookies and biscuits cookies and scones biscuits.
  7. I cooked a Cookie. Wait you're a weirdo who calls cookies biscuits aren't you
  8. I suppose. It's just, linguistically, it feels off to say one has "cooked a loaf". I dun like that mouth feel. xD
  9. i mean, yeah? baking is a type of cooking isn't it?
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