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  1. It's said this is the next hardest part for a writer after just not procrastinating.
  2. Yeah, it gets to you though.
  3. Yeah that's always the issue. It sounds easy, but if it really was, more people would be doing it. I'd keep chiseling away. It may simply be an issue of timing is all.
  4. been looking into that honestly. But that's a whole other beast of challenges and a lot more writing, womp
  5. I guess if worse comes to worse, you can always self-publish online.
  6. Yeah, it's been edited, and beta read and beta read etc. I just can't get anything but a form rejection from agents. I've changed up my query letter, workshopped it with groups specifically for that and zilch. So I guess it's just not marketable in current markets.
  7. I would either keep at it or, check the first chapter to see if it bounces off the pages for a reader.
  8. Yeah, it's been slow going. Only been querying it for OVER A YEAR now. I'm just about to the point of shelfing it honestly.
  9. Hey, at least you've reached the query stage. I know it can be demoralizing, but just keep at it and someone will find your awesome work and want to share it with the masses.
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