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  1. So how are things? I’ve been itching to reply in the Zelda thread with some of my picks but I’ve been so busy with work. I did beat Phantom Hourglass in the meantime though and just started Spirit Tracks. Liked PH way more than expected but it’s still one of the weaker Zeldas.
  2. That must have been cool to see his art at an actual museum. May have to check out more of his stuff, cause I really liked the art.
  3. I think the 20th and 21st century are actually my favorite era of artistic music, if only for the sheer variety of approaches that arrived here, along with just the general deconstruction of what music is, dismantling music theory fundamentals, etc. it’s great.

    As for Beksiński, I have this strong memory of visiting his museum as we were going on our vacation to Slovakia as a teen. I remember not really enjoying it at the time, though the experience really stuck around with me for a long time. Now when I look at his art, I’m shocked at how beautiful I think it is.
  4. That was pretty cool, I really loved his art too. Reminds me of my music classes and we reached 20th century Expressionism and post modernism. Class had a real rough time listening to it, but I liked it. Its a really underappreciated era of art and music that came out of Europe in a post WWII world.
  5. Thought you might find this interesting

  6. That's why I thought it was dumb.
  7. Well, you could always just pay an editor to do that :P
  8. Congrats on your job upgrade. I'm kind of working on something similar, though I still hate my job, but getting a raise and better benefits is always welcomed.

    Fees don't always bother me if they are within reason like say $10 or what not. I spend that much on mindless food and junk anyway. My issue was finding a really promising one that was like $125 because even if you didn't win, they would still have a professional editor give you feedback.

    Glad you're filling out your story journal, so that's at least productive!
  9. Uh, yeah, contest fees are a bitch. It's always good to keep trying with the free ones, though. Perhaps you'll also find some with fees that you consider worth it. It's always kind of a gamble, but that's one way to get your work out there.

    As for me, I haven't really been writing much in terms of recently, but that's because my whole life has been intensely chaotic lately and I've been just doing everything to survive in the meantime. I did manage to secure a job that's actually a pretty significant upgrade from the last one (I'll actually be working for Oxford University Press now, which is pretty sweet), so I'm hoping that now that the biggest cause for my misery - that being my previous job - being eliminated, I'll have enough energy to put more of it into writing. I am doing my best to at least fill out my story notebook my wife gave me for Christmas, so while no actual writing was done, I have actually progressed with planning out my novel a bit.

    Looking forward to your blog posts, as always! And don't sweat about the Mognet Message - I've gotten used to the pace of our mognet conversations In my gaming news, I continue focusing on covering new grounds, so after finishing Ys II, I moved on to Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky and it has been pretty sweet so far. I'll probably come back and finish DQXI after this, though my backlog of these new isometric RPGs is also growing right now, with my wife kind of edging me to go there, so we'll see.
  10. Well I fell off the bandwagon for trying to beat 4 Heroes of Light. Kind of got back into a Zelda mood, so I'm finishing up Spirit Tracks and 2nd Quest in the original Legend of Zelda. I got Wind Waker for Christmas, but I'm feeling too lazy to re-hook up my Wii to my main TV to play it.

    Other than that, I've been trying to reply to your Mognet Message as well as a few others I keep putting off. Its been kind of hectic IRL for me, so I've not really been spending too much time doing anything meaningful online, though I have been keeping up on your Witcher Thread and Karifean's Ys thread.

    I have started up two more blog entries for the site and my VI Retrospective, but I'm trying to ignore them to get back to my usual writing. I'm looking for contests to submit to, but nothing has struck my fancy or it has too steep of an admission fee for me to bother. I feel like I need to get a few more of my shorter stories finished and fixed up so I can try to submit them to a magazine or something, but I've been spending too much of my time playing games than actual writing so I'm trying to refocus.

    How are you doing?
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