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  1. Hey, I read it! I like the dinosaur dude.
  2. I amuse myself more with my joke than I think the people who read it. It's time consuming but i'm having fun so it's all good. Not like I have much to do these days anyway
  3. Haha I clicked your link just then, before even reading this.

    It's good that you're doing it though.
  4. Ugh, this walkthrough thing is time consuming o.o Go put your quinny input on it please
  5. I wrote it a bit fast haha.
  6. I read your thing to paul for his birthday. Your handwriting was hard to read
  7. I know! Ice staples. So practical.
  8. Oh man you are cool!
  9. I'm so cool, the staples are made of ice.
  10. Man, sometimes I wish I was as cool as you.
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