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  1. I briefly tried to change my name years ago but it was vetoed.
  2. This one is, like, my 17th or 18th name. xD
  3. Lol we both posted within 4 seconds.
  4. It's possibly one of my favourite games. Bastion is gorgeous, as well.
  5. By the way, since returning to the forum your new username was one of the few that didn't confuse me. I followed that old Eoff adage: "If it says Quin on the tin, it must be him!"
  6. I have played Journey! I also was reminded of Journey too (as well as Bastion)! I've only played it once (and without any online interactions I believe) but the part towards the end where you're flying all over the place is spectacular.
  7. It's very Journey. Have you played Journey? You need to play Journey.
  8. Yeah I like it, it's very neat. The cape thing was what reminded me of Bastion a bit, it's like the main character's red kerchief.
  9. I dunno. It's some of Pete for President's work, all from his imagination.
  10. Hey Quin is your sig Bastion-inspired? I'm trying to place what it reminds me of.
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