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  1. Me so popular! (Jk it's just Christmas and Quin)
  2. What.. you got like 50 pages of comments since the last time I wrote you last year... quite the popular Moogle suit wearer you are
  3. Happy New Year and Lunar New Year to you!
  4. Happy New Year Acula!!!
  5. I've been accused of many things before, but never of being American! :P

    I know what you mean - I've learned a few languages in my time, and it all seems fine until a native speaker starts chatting to you and then it all goes out the window. I'm glad you've improved - honestly I didn't know you weren't a native speaker!

    Thanks for the compliment about my grammar/articulation - I'm a bit of a nerd in that area, so it means a lot!
  6. Oops, not "the next american", I meant to say "another american"!
  7. Ooooh I see! I didn't realize that you were a kiwi, thought you were just the next american!
    Now I remember why I was so in aw when reading posts of you and some other people (who give a damn about punctuation and fluous words and sentence structure).
    It was just teenage me being impressed by native speaker english opposed to the tragedy you hear everyday in school xD

    It's funny.. back then I thought I was the trout and my english skills were pretty much the cream of the crop in my school.. but then you grow older... and experience new things and places and you realize that your skills weren't as honed as you thought they were!
    Time passes and yet again, you realize that you aren't on that level.
    Nowadays, I think I am at my highest in terms of skill and native speakers are still lightyears away and pretty much wipe the floor with me but it feels good to have improved so much over the last decade(s)!

    Sorry for the long post but I thought it would be cool to actually tell you the reason why I PM'd you back in the day, being impressed by your articulation
    I remembered after reading some old PMs.
  8. I've actually lived here my whole life, I'm a born and raised Kiwi But I moved to the city I'm in now 11 years ago. But it's still a dream to live here!
  9. I am fine, Corona is on an all-time low here, I rekindled my love for FF games (new&old). Also I didn't play the newer installments of the series yet!

    By looking at your messages, I take it that you moved to New Zealand like 10+ years ago?? Wow how come and I bet it it s a dream to live there
  10. I am back, hopefully for a while!

    How are you??
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