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  1. I keep forgetting that Rare is second party to Microsoft these days and could cause problems for past IPs. Since Square is third party I wouldn't think it would be that difficult, but who knows what all does on behind that door of legal stuff.
  2. Perhaps something to do with licensing costs? I know Nintendo owns pretty much everything to do with the DKC series going forward but maybe there's stipulations about reselling the original three without Rare (or whatever they really are now) getting some kind of cut. Same thing with the Square games.

    I think if you are only going to pick one DK game, then the first one deserves it. Yes, I like DKC2 better, but DKC was mind-blowing for little ol' me. it's still an excellent game. What Rare did was super impressive. Especially for reviving a dead character with a brand new game idea for said character. I think the DKC games are the best platformers on the SNES. Beating Mario at Mario's own thing is quite an accomplishment.

    I agree that they're dropping the ball a little bit though. NES retro collecting has sort of plateaued, and now the SNES generation of games are sky-rocketing in price. There's probably a pretty good sized market for people who want all those classic games on a classic feeling console without paying $70-$150 dollars for each game.

    Let's face it though, either way there won't be enough consoles to go around at release or for 6 months afterwards. Classic Nintendo.
  3. I think they kind of dropped the ball with the SNES Classic. Why not bump it up to 30 games like the NES and include DKC2, DKC3, Final Fantasy II, and Chrono Trigger? Star Fox 2 is a cool addition, though. Hopefully they'll make it available outside of the Classic.
  4. Hey, we finally agree on something!

    So, what do you think of them putting DKC on the SNES classic versus DKC2? I see exactly where they're coming from, but seems like not everyone agrees.
  5. It's fine, but nowhere near as good as DKC2. The gameplay was fun, but I wasn't fond of the change in art direction.
  6. Hmmm. I believe a pattern is emerging. What did you think of DKC3?
  7. Aside from the beetle races I loved DK64. I have a blast with collectathons, so while most people complained about all the junk they needed to find I was having a great time.
  8. I'll concede that the Wii controls were a little wonky on occasion, but overall I thought it was a really strong, triumphant return for the series. What'd you think of DK 64?
  9. I am saying I didn't like Donkey Kong Country Returns. Not that I outright hated it, but something felt off about the whole thing and I found it frustrating to play a lot of the time. Especially when motion controls were involved. The experience made me worried for Tropical Freeze, but I'm SO glad I gave it a chance anyway.
  10. Quote Originally Posted by Darth Ganon
    Tropical Freeze was such a fantastic game. I almost can't believe it was made by the same people that did Returns.
    Are you saying you didn't like Donkey Kong Country Returns?
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