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  1. HIYA.
  2. Hello. Since our recent interaction. Look what I stumbled on reading some articles; "Though some cognitive distortions may have emerged because they are helpful (e.g., dividing the world into black and white minimizes ambiguity and helps one to quickly categorize events and people), they can also extend into undesirable emotional reactions and even pathology (e.g., viewing oneself 100% negatively can lead to and perpetuate depression)."

    This has nothing to do with the Biological Male thread btw.
  3. Well you need to get on to playing more!
  4. Well still that's a lot more than me.... .I have 7
    Tis all'
  5. 9 is my fav actually! i've played and have 9-13. haven't beat 13 yet though. I don't have X-2 as well. :P
  6. Well I kinda like math, have you played ff9? or any numbers beyond that?
  7. EWWW MATH! D: My worst enemy! Also, I'm not a fan of 8 too much. Only got so far in cause I hated the drawing magic thing :/
  8. Nothing much studying for my calculus exam thinking of starting FF8 maybe FF13
  9. Not a lotta! What's cracka' lackin' with you?
  10. Hey what's up?
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