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  1. The question is right though if you want to ask me how I am. Everything is okay, thank you. What about you?
    We should consider making a doujinshi together.
  2. Yoooo! Wie geht's?! Lol my German is so bad.
  3. Hi there!
  4. Your Vegeta vs. MLP gif is funny XD
  5. I posted two new sketches. I wish I would have people to make my own Dragon Ball manga. Ha, ha, ha, ha.
  6. Everything is alright, thank you.

    How about you?
  7. Hey how are things with you? Hope you are well
  8. True, true. I try hard to make my crazy a good kind of crazy.
  9. It is crazy. But crazy is good.
  10. Thanks for not thinking my Aeris-Sephiroth fandom is crazy
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