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  1. Figure you would appreciate this:
  2. The chicken was amusing, though I think the Ocean and Maui's tattoo were my favorites.
  3. I did like the chicken though.
  4. You know, I was noticing that myself.
  5. Though it did have the same problem Mulan did with way too many sidekicks. What even was the purpose of the pig that later wasn’t even present for 2/3rds of the film?
  6. That's for sure.
  7. Yeah, I enjoyed it. Definitely one of the stronger Disney movies in recent years
  8. Though this song has really been helping me improve my mood on the subject of me writing.

    Finally watched this movie today. Really good flick.
  9. I think part of my issue is that I know Elly deserves better, all of my stories deserve better and I just feel like some dead beat dad who may say they love their "kids" but fails to provide for them.

  10. Eh, thanks for the cheer up, I'm still waffling with it.

    It will be hilarious when he does review it, but I keep feeling like he's going to say he's going to review it and instead review Animal Crossing or some other game instead.
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