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  1. I'm a foodie too! One day I wanna go to Melbourne just to try all the noms x___x
    Perth is really coming up these days, I remember 10 years ago there was hardly anything but its gotten way bigger now, especially the city. Every week theres always a new shop or restaurant opening o___o Wow that sounds cool!! I'm still studying, I wish I was working...I'm so poor xD I'm doing a communications and business double degree but I've always wanted to do law haha but my TER from highschool was 2 points off so I couldn't, sucks xP
  2. Oh, Melbourne is amazing for food! I am a huge foodie, and I'm suffering so badly in Brisbane. There's no good food up here. How is Perth? I've only ever been to the airport there for a connecting flight, so I haven't had a chance to explore it yet. At the moment I'm doing design work for an accounting firm, but I'm looking to get a business analyst soon, boring stuff! Do you study or work?
  3. Thanks for the welcome, fellow Aussie ^^ Sorry for the late reply, I just finished my exams last week >.<" Oooh cool! I'm from Perth! What sorta work do you do? I heard Melbourne is the best place for food, is that true?
  4. Welcome fellow Australian! Where in Australia are you from? I'm from Melbourne, but recently moved up to Brisbane for work.
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