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  1. Glad they loves you! I think it is hard not to love you!! Haha, think her looks didn't change much for the two years anyway.

    Ya, Chinese is pretty hard. The words itself is rather hard to write. Maybe you can try Chinese painting. It's fun!
  2. Yes, I met her parents a couple years ago when I first met her in California. They love me and I totally just realized that the pic I showed you is two years old xD

    I wish I knew Chinese. I started learning it a while back but we had an unfortunate incident and I got sidetracked. I don't want to try and start again because it's so daunting. It's like the hardest language ever
  3. Oh mine, so romantic!! Have you met them already!?

    You know chinese too?
  4. They were both businesspersons who were sent to the same meeting with some big corporation in Japan. They were company ambassadors for different places in their home countries, and they were both assigned to the Japanese places because they both already spoke Japanese. They fell in love while working together and eventually made some daughters out of clay (or however babies were made in those days ) and then they moved to the US and worked for a bunch of different places.

    And I don't need her to translate anything, I can read kanji just fine thank you I studied it for a while. Also I know a bit of Russian, German, Italian, and Spanish. Not enough to get a job as a translator, but enough to make sure I can ask where the bathroom is and go to the supermarket and such
  5. Huh? A Korean and a Chinese but they both know Japanese? How?

    So next time if you're gonna play any FF games first hand, she can translates for you?
  6. Only a little. Her parents couldn't speak each others' native languages, but they could both speak Japanese. So that's how she was raised. She knows a bit of Korean because she spent a lot more time growing up with her mother than her father. But mainly she just speaks Japanese and English xD
  7. Oh mine, so she is Asian!! We will get along real well!!! Get her to join!!
    Btw, she knows Korean?
  8. Heh. "A bit" Asian. Her dad's Chinese and her mom's Korean and you may not gobble her up! That's my job
  9. Wow!!! Beautiful!!! She looks a bit Asian from the angle. You are one lucky guy!! She's really cute!! Now I have the urge to gobble her up.
  10. I prepare a nice meal for her every day on the weekends we usually go out to eat or whatever. If we have time.

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