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  1. I am the 1000th? What an honour! But I think I will be filled with awesomeness and kindness after eating you. No more space for Faris.
  2. Well... in honor of being my 1,000th visitor message, you may eat me.

    And then you can eat Faris
  3. But I am hungry Tig.
  4. Yes it's from Spongebob

    Also I noticed Faris suggested eating me. As much as I like tomato sauce, I don't think cannibalism would be good for the economy right now
  5. HAHAHAHA, dancing creeping green bald man!!! I like!!!!

    From spongebob?
  6. Lol
  7. Oh mine, you must nurse her back to health and protect her from monsters!! Make sure she gets to feast on whatever she wants!
  8. I always take care of her

    I will let you know how she's doing as she gets better. Love you Christmas
  9. Omg!!! I am so touched by the GIF!!! Thank you thank you Sarah!!! I really hope you get well soon!! And visit us on EoFF!!! You must take good care of her ok?

    You are really really awesome!!!
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