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  1. One of my uncles have a ranch out in the country. When we go to visit I fish with him and dad. Ate some catfish once. Delicious.
  2. My parents own one. lol grew up on one.
  3. Conversation starter. I like cows, too. Some times I'll see them on the countryside.

    You ever been to a ranch?
  4. I think they are cute but I also think they are delicious. Here in a month or so im getting half of one processed.

  5. Do you like cows?
  6. Haha you're welcome!
  7. I could kiss you right now.
  8. She probably liked it because she's more familiar with it haha. My mom zones out when I talk games but movies, we're tight lol.

    Oh also, because I'm helpful today, Adobe offers some of their old programs for free. I got a new computer and was needing some type of photoshop on it and found out last night you can get some of the older Adobe stuff for free. Honestly, that works perfectly fine for editing things as the new stuff just has extra bells and whistles. You need to make a Adobe account but you can get photoshop, and their video editing programs Premiere Pro 2 and After Effects.

    It may let you do more than the movie maker you're using and hey, FREEEEEEEE
  9. Ooh! Thanks. I have it bookmarked so I can look at it later.

    Street Fighter is my personal favorite. I was on my A-Game there. Made my mom laugh so hard. Though her favorite review right now is Catching Fire. Not sure what it is about it, but she said I was excellent all the way through. In honesty that was a bit rushed because the two videos a week format was starting to catch up to me. I plan to switch to one and swap between my movie and game reviews starting in December.
  10. That's not bad! Yay for views! If you're ever interested in learning more about making your videos pop I found an interesting site I've been learning some art stuff from. It's called skillshare. It's from other people who do stuff sharing their knowledge.

    Really I just wanted to share that site with someone hahahaha
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