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  1. You should tackle them to the ground and beat them over the head with a crayon pillow.

    I'm not even kidding, there's photographic evidence of me beating my older brother with a crayon shaped pillow. I have no idea how I got him on the ground.
  2. I was the annoying little sister I guess. But I just wanted to play too He was the mean older brother. Then there is my older sister. She's mean too. They'd hold me down and fart on my head
  3. I can't talk. I was the annoying younger brother that my older brother would lock out of his room.

    I just annoyed him in ways that wouldn't give him just cause to have me killed and buried in the backyard.
  4. He's one of those chronic trader iners. HE'll buy something and beat it then turn around and trade it in.

    I put XIII down for like a week cause I was frustrated and when I went back he had sold it. Luckily he moved after that.

    brothers eh?
  5. And now he has no stuff to own?
  6. Ugh my brother was horrible about leaving them out. It always drove me insane! He never took care of our stuff.
  7. That's rare. You usually have to buy them brand new for that. My brother and I always took great care of our discs so they were never scratched, but my god when we rented anything the games looked like they've been through hell and back. And now the same thing is starting to happen with DVDs.
  8. OH I also got a juicer I still haven't used from one. I should probably use that....

    This one time I found VIII at one and it was in perfect condition. Not a single scratch.
  9. I think I mostly just got board games and clothes from garage sales.
  10. People are always trying to make a quick buck around here, I'm sure I could find something.

    I've never had one. I have two chairs I got from one. They are rocking chairs, really comfy. $30
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