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  1. Hey bbz what's up <333 MAFIA WAS FUN we should do it again ^_^
  2. Splish Splash I was takin` a bath!

    Then I realized, this is a foolhardy waist of my valuable time, it would be far better spent getting on to eyesonff and gracing peoples profiles with dashing comments from me, the lovable rascal.
  3. Holla!

    I haven't logged in this site for weeks xD
  4. what be up! I am thinking of making you my new sidekick...
  5. You look very anime today yourself! ^.^
  6. Hey there short stuff, you are looking quite video gamey today.
  7. I AM NOT
    and I'm not Levian either!
  8. Why is being Asian your defining characteristic, why not the fact that you are short or something like that?
  9. you is azn! Do you have azn super powers?
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