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  1. I know that feeling. I've been wanting to check out their other games as well. Wasn't impressed with Lost Sphere's demo, the game felt weird even if the premise had promise. Oninaki on the other hand had a very promising demo. The Action RPG combat wasn't exactly my cup of tea, but the narrative and gameplay elements were very cool.
  2. Well yeah, that’s why I said I trust you I do still find it funny though, how the internet be sometimes. I definitely do want to play it one day. I’ll just need to buy it and have the time
  3. fr\ mnI mean I like Breath of Fire V and everyone on the internet seems to hate it too. I feel part of the issue with the hate is that people wanted something fresh and not a refined version of an older experience. The other issue is that too many people like garbage such as FFX and Tales of Symphonia, so the second they realized the plot was the same as the typical "Yamato-O-Orochi/Sacrificial Maiden" plot that those other games did, they passed. Despite the fact that the game had a more interesting twist on the premise and you don't "save the waifu" in this one. Not to mention the setting is bleak as hell and scrubs away the funny anime hijinx that FFX and ToS played up to counter the grim story. While the game is not grim dark by any means, it doesn't hide the fate of the leading lady like the other two entries did, and it doesn't give her a "get out of your fate by the power of love and friendship" either. Of anything, Setsuna subverts it all by getting her out of her initial sacrifice but then requires her to sacrifice herself in a different way.

    In fact, smurf it, I'm just going to spoil the core twist of the game. (SPOILER)Setsuna's original guardian Aeterna is actually an avatar for a Time Witch who is the one holding back the Dark Samsara. The sacrifices give up their life to her so she can maintain the barrier, but the Time Witch knows this solution isn't going to work because the Dark Samsara is just getting stronger. So instead, with Setsuna, she's used her life force to send her avatar into the past in an attempt to convince Setsuna to not sacrifice herself and instead use the Time Witch's power to go back in time and stop it. The reason Aeterna is distrusting of Endir is due to the revelation that he's been the first major change to the timeline since she started this gambit. Basically Setsuna has refused and caused her world to be stuck in an endless time loop until Endir arrived and gave her group hope that they could win against the Dark Samsara. They defeat the monster, but it tries to go back in time further to restore itself and strike again, but Setsuna and Endir follow it back there with it, and Setsuna takes on the last vestiges of the the creatures power and soul o ease it's fear while Endir kills her to destroy it once and for all.

    Honestly, it was a neat twist.
  4. While I do trust you, it’s still kind of weird that you’re the only person I’ve ever seen speak positively of it
  5. You should, it';s Chrono Trigger's gameplay with a better version of FFX's plot without most of the bulltrout.
  6. Still need to play I Am Setsuna one day
  7. They have a very Joe Hisashi vibe to their score. I wish they would let Tomoki Miyoshi compose stuff for SE instead of couping him up at Tokyo RPG Factory.
  8. In unrelated news, I’ve decided Naoshi Mizuta is an underrated composer

  9. Yeah, another thing with the Witcher they could copy is quality over quantity. And while I largely agree with you, I think Xenoblade X makes much more sense in terms of giving more side content than main content, since in that game where the main plot is so decentralized the side quests kind of become the point
  10. Honestly I never had a problem with the car. My issue with the quests is that while it was fun to have some colorful NPCs give them out, having them have about ten of the same such quests a piece was exhausting. The thing about side quests for me is that their volume should not equal or exceed the volume of the main campaign and that's where games like XV and Xenoblade lose me.
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