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  1. Similar to a few series Amano did designs for, translated to be more animation friendly, but still distinctly his style.
  2. I mean, technically, he did the initial designs and they were later translated to a more anime-friendly style by someone else, but they're faithful enough that, going into this film blind, I immediately thought "wait a minute - that looks so much like Yoshida's stuff"
  3. Ooh, I remember hearing about this one. Didn't realize Yoshida did the character designs, and hell Kenji Kawai is the composer as well? Damn that's a good combo.
  4. Interesting, what's the title?
  5. The poster reminded my that I saw an anime movie over the Christmas break that I thought might intrigue you slightly, as it has character art by Akihiko Yoshida, and nothing really puts me in a better fantasy mood than his work. The movie itself was pretty much the best of the anime films we watched over the break (and there were quite a few), with a story that's, interestingly, all about motherhood. Not exactly something you see in fantasy often.
  6. Merry belated Christmas
  7. Merry Christmas, Wolf!
  8. It's been a slow but consistent process so far. I'm actually amazed how consistent I've been on working on it as well as not really straying too far from my initial idea for the short. Once I finish it, I may MM it to you to see how you feel.

    The interesting challenge for me is that most of the story is a flashback so the characters I'm writing are pretty different from the ones in the stories actual present setting, so trying to convey that sense of youth while also keeping them tied to their future selves has been interesting. Also, I seriously need practice writing children characters it seems.

    Hope your novel is doing well, I know this can be a stressful time of year.
  9. Good to hear that it’s coming along nicely. And yeah, voice is super hard to nail down.
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