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  1. Awesome, looking forward to it!

    Btw, as I’ve said in the thread, after Spirit Tracks I’ll probably jump into the Oracle games, but I can’t decide on the order I should go. How are you going about it? I know one is more focused on combat the other on puzzles, so since I prefer puzzles, I should probably leave the puzzle heavy one for later?
  2. Oh no, I agree. I really enjoyed the game, but it certainly doesn't live up to the hype. Made slightly more annoying to me because it seems like the Zelda fans who make the most videos on Youtube are huge fans of that particular entry. One in particular that I did like has a serious soft spot for that entry and seems to have a serious hatred for TP, since he likes to snub it a lot in his videos. I mean he ranks Fi's farewell at the end of SS as one of the saddest moment and didn;t even rank Midna's goodbye which Fi's was basically a redo of anyway.

    I have an article I'm writing for WW at the moment, and I feel you may find it refreshing compared to the usual praise thrown at it.
  3. Speaking of Wind Waker, I feel like I’m pretty much the only person on the internet that was disappointed with it? I mean, I liked it alright, but then i had this hype for it built up that when I did finally play it, I was let down. Mostly due to the final stretch of the game. It kind of feels like the most rushed 3D Zelda to me because of that, since it’s pretty clear there was supposed to be one or two more dungeons there.
  4. It is all good man, I've been too busy to respond to the Zelda thread as well despite starting Oracle of Seasons. PH isn't a bad game, but I do feel its a weaker title. Mainly cause I feel it was really designed both as a show piece for the DS features and was also designed to be an intro entry for younger fans. Of anything, I feel that applies to all of the entries in the Adult Timeline, cause even WW feels significantly easier than all of the previous Zelda titles.
  5. So how are things? I’ve been itching to reply in the Zelda thread with some of my picks but I’ve been so busy with work. I did beat Phantom Hourglass in the meantime though and just started Spirit Tracks. Liked PH way more than expected but it’s still one of the weaker Zeldas.
  6. That must have been cool to see his art at an actual museum. May have to check out more of his stuff, cause I really liked the art.
  7. I think the 20th and 21st century are actually my favorite era of artistic music, if only for the sheer variety of approaches that arrived here, along with just the general deconstruction of what music is, dismantling music theory fundamentals, etc. it’s great.

    As for Beksiński, I have this strong memory of visiting his museum as we were going on our vacation to Slovakia as a teen. I remember not really enjoying it at the time, though the experience really stuck around with me for a long time. Now when I look at his art, I’m shocked at how beautiful I think it is.
  8. That was pretty cool, I really loved his art too. Reminds me of my music classes and we reached 20th century Expressionism and post modernism. Class had a real rough time listening to it, but I liked it. Its a really underappreciated era of art and music that came out of Europe in a post WWII world.
  9. Thought you might find this interesting

  10. That's why I thought it was dumb.
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