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  1. Long time no see. It was nice to see a post from you.
  2. I want to play it, but only if there's a convert subscribers to real life button.
    And a convert money to real life button. In fact, all games should have this feature.
  3. I have heard of that game
  4. I've been well. Got a long day of editing ahead of me.

    I think you'd be Kirby Dream Land. As for me?

    YouTubers Life.
    Yeah, that's a real game.
  5. I'm fine, how are you?

    Also I have no idea
  6. Oh, hi. How are you?

    If you were a video game what game would you be?
  7. Glad to hear it!

    It hasn't really gotten started yet, I'm just at that first town with the castle and the slide and I only have 3 characters. It's alright so far
  8. I was wondering how many people here knew about it, then I remember I think I shared it here before and got a bunch of people into it that way. I did that on several sites. Should have had NS pay me. The wait between issues is also ideal for me now since I have a work schedule. And a routine. And a girlfriend. And a small, but gradually growing loyal fanbase. Holy crap 2016 has been great so far!

    How you like Legend of Dragoon so far?
  9. Yeah NationStates is pretty fun
  10. I know that feel. I remembered Nation States was a thing and decided to do that. It's a text based game anyhow so taking screenshots would've been redundant. It's also quite quirky so it was a good choice for joke fodder.
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