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  1. Nice pun xD. And yea, call centers suck, hard.
  2. Call centers have to be a ring of hell, or something like that. Everyone who works there always seem like they're depressed.
  3. Here it's basically nothing but fast food or call centers.
  4. That's what I did, left home to find something better. There were and continue to only be retail and min-wage jobs there.
  5. Yea, a fair portion of this provinces population moves out west to find better work.
  6. That's rough. The market is so overinflated. We're setting ourselves up for another burst bubble.
  7. I still live with my parents though xD. Primarily because it takes 2 full time jobs to afford an apartment here.
  8. I think we all pass that point sometime shortly after we move out of our parent's home and real life kicks in.
  9. I passed that point years ago, but I still buy more xD.
  10. I think there just comes a point in time were you just have more steam games than you are ever able to play.
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