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  1. getting humiliated at the world cup was the best thing that could have happened
  2. plz explain england odi team playing positive cricket
  3. hahahah yeah sorry about that. I can't remember at the time why we specifically chose you, but his reaction certainly was amusing.
  4. THEN, Fonz was pretty furious about it, so we deflected it and told him it was Manus's idea (complete lie). So we had him change his avatar or signature to a picture of Manus and had him change his custom title to "James Hornby is gay" or something like that. Total confusion ensues.
    So that's what that was all about! Oh my god you're such a couple of bastards
  5. Chopin
  6. rain all day
  7. excuse me as i kiss the sky
  8. :thumbup:
  9. Wasim says hell yeah
  10. Do you take cheques
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