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  1. I remember you! =O
  2. Maybe it's from "the girly bikini show" on tastey-TV?
  3. Tastier than the usual pie!
  4. Ok, then it's just the monthly fees that's a problem...

    Hey, is there any Beta version or something that you can get for free?
  5. Then I'll call it Dead Ass of Cindrella.

    Oh, yeah... and Psy, PAY PLEASE!!!

    I would really like to try out DAoC... but I would have to pay the monthly fees myself + I would probably not be able to spend as much time on it as most people who play it does since I'm busy with other things every now and then...
  6. That's freaking awesome!

    My parents would never agree to do that.
  7. XD! Your parents agreed to do that?
  8. Hey, I don't remember if I've ever asked this before... but do you have to pay monthly fees for DAoC?
  9. Lord of the Pies. The one pie, to rule them all!
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