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  1. Cool! What kind of channel?

    Dark Souls is a series that seems to be harder at first than it actually is. It's still far more difficult than your average game these days, but a lot of things are really just a matter of properly learning how the game works and how to approach different things. Though there are few straight out bs parts too that will screw you over every now and then no matter how good you are.

    I really like the Dark Souls games though. The second has seen lots of improvements on many parts, but there are a few things that were better with the first one. The first one had more really epic boss battles for example.

    Other than that, Pokemon X & Y, Disgaea 4, Tales of Xillia and Tales of Graces as well as a PSP game called Dangan Ronpa are the most noteworthy that comes to mind. And then, I've been playing/reading a few Visual Novels as well that were pretty darn awesome. I'm currently reading Little Busters, and I'm loving it.

    What about you?
  2. Not much dude! Studying mixed with working on a small Youtube channel :P

    I've played the first Dark Souls, and it absolutely demolished me. I've heard a lot about the second one. How are you enjoying it? What other games have you been playing?
  3. Wow, been a while! What's up? I'm doing pretty fine - been playing a lot of Dark Souls 2 recently. Have you ever tried those games?
  4. Hope you're doing well Shads!
  5. It took place in Sweden - I don't really go to other countries to play in tournaments, though it would be cool to do that sometime actually. And haha, that would be awesome! Which character(s) do you play by the way?

    Wow, really? That's so cool! Video game music ftw! And yeah, it would be awesome if you could do some tracks for a game of mine in the future.

    So, have you been playing any awesome games lately by the way?
  6. You're damn right you will man!

    Where did this Smash Bros Melee tournament take place? I remember looking up Smash tournament videos one day (I was bored as hell), and I remembered that one whole tournament was put up on Youtube (even the lower level matches). My new dream is to face you in the finals of a Melee tournament somewhere down the line. :P

    And absolutely man! Seriously, I wish you the best of luck in that. It would be absolutely astounding if you got far, and I have the utmost confidence that you will. Passion goes a long way, and I'm sure that you have a truckload of that, with a bunch of talent to boot. In a surprising twist, I'm working on creating instrumental tracks between classes with a friend of mine (my university schedule is death this semester). Our goal is to create video game music. Let's hope for the best, and maybe somewhere down the line we'll create a soundtrack to some epic made by your team. :P
  7. Totally! And thanks for the support, man. I'll show them all how games are made!

    I've been to that convention I mentioned now, by the way. And I placed 7th in the Super Smash Bros Melee tournament, and 2nd in the Touhou 12.3 one ( the final was me vs my friend, which was an added bonus ). It was totally awesome.

    And hey, if you come up with any awesome game ideas, I'll gladly listen to them once I've got my foot in there.
  8. Props on taking a game design course! I might do so as well, as an elective. Always good to do what you enjoy, right?

    And just hearing about you planning to make small games (with a team) gives me shivers. I wish you guys all the best, and I firmly believe that you guys will go very, very far. Work your ass off buddy, you shall make it!

    And for my thing, that is most likely a pipe dream, but I would definitely love to keep the option open for the rest of my life. Would be very cool to do. Get your foot into the door first!
  9. Yup, melee is the like... the best fighting game ever.

    Thanks, and yeah... you should always aim to do what you want to do in life. I'm actually gonna start a course in game design this fall too, to help me out a bit.

    That's awesome. If you ever manage to make a game with them, be sure to let me know. =D

    And we plan to start off by making typical iphone games/small games that are easy to make and sell for handhelds etc, but hope to be able to make bigger games later on if things go well.
  10. Awesome about the cosplay stuff dude!

    And trippy, I've been having Melee/Brawl tournaments every friday morning to evening with a bunch of good friends routinely. We alternate just to screw with the mechanics of both games, but I'd say that Melee wins out in terms of overall enjoyability.

    In terms of you wanting to make a small video game company, GO FOR IT DUDE! Follow your dreams I've finally finished University but I really want to pursue some video game stuff as well later on in the future.

    I know a few guys who are very talented when it comes to video games, and actually worked in the industry for a bit, and I really want to make a Sprite based game with them (where I do writing/music and they do all the hard stuff :P).

    What are you planning to do with this video game group of yours?
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