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  1. Well that would secure you a spot thanks to our complete ineptitude xD I'll do my best to take Vivi22 down and save face a little!
  2. Looks like Rantz might not be the one I'll go up against after all. Cim actually beat him. Things are getting interesting.

    Also, you should still play Vivi22 for the honour of second place in the bracket.
  3. ...or perhaps, the person with the best overall win-streak progresses straight to the final, while the other two fight for the spot. That'd work to.
  4. Yeah, that's a point. How strange!
  5. I wonder if the grand final is going to be a "final bracket" too, since there will be 3 finalists. =O
  6. It was too good to resist xD
  7. Haha, yeah. Ifrit is the cursed card!
  8. Phew - holding that off for so long did pay off.

    My placement of Leviathan was intentionally made to make you play a card in that spot. And it worked! Mind games ftw! xD
  9. It was that smurfing Ifrit xD
  10. I might use those ones against Vivi22 then!
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