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  1. Yep, Taunt is a great move for stopping annoying shenanigans like that Toxic-stalling Tropius and such, so that was a good call.
  2. Yeah I also forgot about mold breaker and was confused. I put Taunt on Malamar just for that very reason! Also for Cofagrigus which I figured also had a lot of status moves. That was an intense battle and I thought it was over when you kept switching back and forth between Blastoise and Excadrill. Those rocks would have worn me down!
  3. GGs! Very well played!

    That Taunt was very clutch! ;D
  4. Forgot that Mold Breaker negates Levitate so that EQ could hit your Flygon. So I was like: "what?" at first when it hit. xD
  5. Perfect! What timing! I'll log on to my 3DS right away! =D
  6. I'm available now if you are.
  7. Well, I'm GMT-7 so this will be another tough one to manage. I'm free from about 6AM-7:30AM my time or after 5PM. That's pretty much every day though I am pretty open this weekend since I'll be home with the kids all weekend.
  8. So, which day and time would be best for you to have the battle?

    My timezone is GMT+1 by the way.
  9. Don't worry, I'll gladly help with tips even if we're still in the tournament. But I'll keep it in Visitor Messages (or maybe PMs would be better?) I'll be going to sleep soon, but a quick start;

    "Constructed competetive pokemon" is a bit different from the tournament we have here. First of all, the addition of held items, mega stones and the fact that you can build and balance your own team entierly makes the team building process very important and a lot more detailed than just trying to pick moves for the six pokemons you ended up hatching.

    The most played singles format is by the "Smogon rules". Smogon is a community that basically tries to balance the game as much as possible, by applying some special rules and banning some mons that are considered too powerful/broken (such as Mega Kangaskhan for example). They also have a sleep clause, which means that you are only allowed to put one opposing pokemon to sleep at a time. This is because sleep, even though slightly nerfed in Gen 6, is still a very broken and easily abused status and pokemons such as Breloom could be nearly unstoppable if they were allowed to Spore everything.

    The Smogon rules are pretty easy to look up and learn though for the most part, they mostly do make sense, and if you want to get into competetive pokemon in the singles format, then Smogon is pretty much the way to go.

    I'll give you some direction on team building later, as well as things to keep in mind while playing.
  10. Yeah, that's the problem with a few of these eggs. Some of the mons really want certain egg moves that they don't have.

    For a future pokemon tournament, I think it'd be a good idea to allow further breeding of mons if people want to. I did manage to find a use for my Tropius, but it still lacks some of the best moves it can learn, because they are eggmoves it didn't have. D=
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