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  1. Whew, that was quite a burn. D;

    Like I said before, I am sorry for letting the Bern persona get out of hand a bit. When it's appreciated at first, it's easy to get carried away, and I should have toned it down earlier I suppose. I will admit I do find it fun to play the "villain character", but my intention has never been and will never be to actually hurt anyone. So it's a shame it turned out like this.

    Oh well. You are right that I'm a sore loser though, I won't deny that. Not as bad as I make the Bern persona act, but a somewhat sore loser nevertheless. Which it seems most of the people participating are, bare a few, to be honest. But that's fine.

    Anyway, hope you don't hate me too much, because I still don't quite get why you ended up this pissed. Hope we can be cool again. D;
  2. Thank you. I'm sorry to throw off your style. I know you didn't mean anything by it. Thanks for understanding.
  3. Sorry to hear that. It's easy to get carried away with that character, but I'll try to tone her down a bit for the rest of this tournament.

    ...and I'll probably let another one of the characters participate in the next one anyway.
  4. Please stop. Just stop. I know that you're just playing to Bernkastel's character, and I appreciated it for a bit, but at this point, I'm incredibly sick of it. She's rude, unsportsmanlike, and seriously ruining the competition for me. I don't get any enjoyment out of it at all, and it's making me reconsider even bothering to finish, let alone ever partake in another one of these.
  5. ;D
  6. As you know, Bern can get a little caustic. Wanting to get back at Bern was what made me want to ruin her differential. Which led to a much healthier way of looking at the battles. So, thanks for having Bern stay in character.
  7. I definitely wouldn't mind a change to Freeze's mechanics, mostly because it's useless as a tool right now. You can't actually count on Freeze, or plan around it. If you want to burn something, there are ways. Scald, Will-o-Wisp, Inferno, etcetera.

    If you want to Freeze something, use Ice Beam and get lucky? Or have a Serene Grace Togekiss you got from XD that has Tri Attack, giving it a 17% chance to inflict Freeze.

    It's ridiculous. They make it really powerful because it doesn't come into play often, but that means that it's basically useless and might as well not even be there.

    I'd take it weaker but more reliable any day. Especially since it would make Ice better, and I love Ice type moves and Pokémon.
  8. My problem with freeze is that, while it happens extremely rarely, it can win a game outright when it does happen. So it's not something you'll see ruining games often, but... well, I once had a Ferrothorn frozen. It was my last mon against some water type that essentially couldn't touch it. But I stayed frozen for the 9 turns it took for it to take me down.

    Since then, I've had a grudge against freeze. xD

    And yeah, I've never missed a 99/97% move, but 95 has happened to me as well. And also... missing both targets with Rock Slide in a doubble battle. >_>
  9. Nerf continuous flinches makes sense. I don't usually see Freeze being a big enough factor to need a nerf. If they do nerf it, they'll need to add in some more reliable ways to cause it.

    Missing Fly (95% accuracy). Missing Compound Eyes Sleep Powder (97.5% accuracy). Or missing Wide Lends Leaf Storm (99% accuracy). They've all happened, and they all suck.
  10. Well, the crit nerf is a start. I'd like to see some massive freeze nerf though, as well as flinch nerf... if possible (like, at least gradually decrease the probability contineus flinches).

    And indeed. There has been so many times where I've missed an 80% or even 90% accurate move when they mattered the most. D=
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