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  1. At least they've nerfed crits some?

    Move accuracy really bothers me, though. I vastly prefer running lower power moves for the better accuracy. But what about Pokémon like Ferrothorn, who only get one decent STAB? Or Aerodactyl, who doesn't have ANY decently accurate Rock moves?
  2. Well, whatever the case, it's nice to have you back. ;D
  3. Yeah, I know. D=

    I wish game freaks would nerf luck somehow next gen. xD

    I once got two mons frozen by ice beam right after each other, and neither ever thawed out. ;___;
  4. My objective was not to win. It was to cut down on your differential as much as possible. It made it much easier to take the loss. I knew I couldn't win, and I'm ok at that. But I can whittle away at the margin you win by, and make at least some progress there. It's not just win/lose. It's something I can progress at and improve at.
  5. I think Bullet Punch might have ended Blastoise if it wasn't for the Burn ruining the second Close Combat.

    Or Power Whip would have ended it, if it wasn't for the miss.

    Luckiest Blastoise ever. Still would have been only a 2-0 at best, I think.
  6. Alrighty! And good game! That Bullet Punch caught me off guard - forgot Hitmontop learns that. xD
  7. If you saved that, can you put it up on the thread? I'm playing with my copy of X, so I can't save it.
  8. I don't think I had any way to force Aerodactyl out. That's part of why I gave up. I had no options.

    Flying and Rock cover everyone except Banette (who sucks) and Ferrothorn (who can't handle a whole team alone).

    Well, I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'll start working on breeding up more Eggs, I guess.
  9. Well, yes, Aerodactyl was my check to it I guess. Still, had you forced it to switch into the SRs only a few times, I'm pretty sure Giga Drain could take it out. And the Aerodactyl is Adamant, so after one Quiver Dance, Volc should outspeed it even if it's Modest. I don't know your full moveset on it, but Bug Buz could probably take out Houndoom after SR damage and with a Quiver up too, since it's neutral...

    Oh well. In my eyes, the battle wasn't nearly as one-sided as you experienced it, that's for sure. It is a shame you got 3 fire types on the team, out of which 2 of them had a 4x weakness to stealth rocks. Maybe next time, we could implement a slightly different system to prevent too many of the same typings? Because I really do hope there will be more of these torunaments.

    Anyway, good game, and I agree with Fynn. Take a break, then see if you feel like returning later on. I still really think you should. Just... try to learn to enjoy the battles and have fun with them, whatever the outcome. D=
  10. Because there's not a lot of fun about the battles. It's fun to win. It's fun to see good plays, sure. But that's about it. I don't like losing even one Pokémon. I don't like making mistakes. And my loses are all about my mistakes. I see them everywhere, and they taunt me, and I can't fix them, and I hate them. I'm a perfectionist, I hate mistakes, I hate not being perfect, and I hate reminders of how much of a failure I am.

    You had Volcarona handled easily. It could do diddly squat to Aerodactyl (it's best option is neutral non-STAB coverage), who is faster and can OHKO it with any Rock move. Heck, if you had gotten a slightly higher damage roll, Blastoise would have eliminated it before it had a chance to do anything. It survived with just 4 HP.

    Heck, I'm pretty sure your Houndoom had Flash Fire and could basically just wall my entire team except for the Hitmontop.
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