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  1. I surrender.
  2. NOOOOOOO!!! Connectiooooooonnn whaaaaaaaat
  3. It is awesome, in-game and design-wise. But without Leech Seed..... D=
  4. Tropius is awesome. One of the best Field Move slaves out there. Which is why I had one ready to breed into a competitive set. Because I breed my Field Move users for battle.
  5. Sadly, "no priority" is the bane of my existance. D=

    ...and Banana Pants. xD
  6. Yes, but I suck. And you've got one of the most balanced teams on the list, the most experience, and a couple REALLY good Pokémon.
  7. You have a very scary team though. D=
  8. But I don't want to lose.
  9. Yep, I should have a decent amount of time today.
  10. I'll play you after Shaibana if you still got time.
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